Just some reflections and landscape. 
Valley view from Thembang Village. 
Agriculture is the main occupation of most of the people in Arunachal Pradesh.
Sela Lake. Sela Pass. 13700 ft.
Sela Lake.
There were no proper roads in Arunachal and we had hire a car because there is no bus service in some places. 
Loved the view. the frozen lake and the clouds and the snow capped mountains. 
Our car got stuck here in snow. We got down to push and noticed this sight. The frozen pond, the camp on the right and clouds and mountains. 
Sungester Lake, Shannan, View from the top. 
Sungester - An alpine lake created due to earthquake
Heavy rains in April. Something we all loved. Enjoying this view with a hot cup of tea. 
The Village of Zemithang. 
                                     THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. 
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